Runtown Banned From Entering the United States

Reports circulating the media have it that Douglas Jack Agu aka Runtown, has been banned from entering the US.
According to Johnson Adumike, the General Manager of his erstwhile record label, Eric Many Entertainment, Runtown and his brother got the United States visa via the label, but his brother decided to stay back, exceeding the number of days he should have stayed in the US, thereby violating their immigrant visa rules.
Johnson made it clear it was Eric Many that reported the case to the US immigration services and followed it up so that Runtown could be banned.

He also said, the way Runtown got to know he has been banned from entering the US was when he and his mother went to the US embassy to renew their visas and were told by the consular officer that they fear if they were given the visa, they might decide not to return.
He however took the opportunity to also reveal that Runtown owes the label 800 thousand dollars and that even though the owner of the label has told him to forget about the money, he will make sure that he does everything legally possible to make sure Runtown pays the money.
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