Runtown Quit Eric Manny Records

The once productive relationship between singer, Runtown and Eric Many Records has come to an end. Runtown has severed ties with the label and he exposed an official statement to that effect.

Read the statement below:

July 4, 2018 – For Immediate Release – Effective June 22, 2018, the music artist Runtown, also known as
Soundgod, shall and is no longer affiliated with Eric Many, Ltd., Eric Many Entertainment, Incorporated,
or any of it’s affiliates, associates, agents, assigns or subsidiaries. Runtown is now exclusively managed
and represented by Soundgod Music Group.

Despite numerous breaches of the Recording Agreement by Eric Many, which would make it invalid and
unenforceable, the Agreement entered into on June 21, 2016 officially came to an end on June 22, 2018.
Pursuant to Section 6.5 of the Agreement, “The Parties agree[d] that the Artist is and remains the owner
and lawful proprietor of the Professional Name and the Artist’s likeness.” Eric Many was only entitled to
use the name Runtown throughout the duration of the contract, and for a period after termination of the
contract for the promotion and sale of music. Eric Many does NOT own the name “Runtown” or
“Soundgod,” and is NOT entitled to trademark, copyright or use the name without the explicit consent
and approval of the artist. Public use of the name Runtown began in 2008, before the signing of any
contract with Eric Many.

Further, there is NO court order currently enjoining or preventing Runtown from singing, performing or
recording music. Please be advised that the interim injunction granted by the High Court of FCT
against Runtown on 10 May 2018, has now expired by effluxion of time pursuant to Order 43 Rule
3(2) of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja (Civil Procedure) Rules 2018. The
said injunction became ineffective on the 17th of May, 2018.

To date, Eric Many has filed two frivolous law suits against Runtown. On May 24, 2018, Eric Many
withdrew the initial frivolous lawsuit it filed in Lagos, Nigeria after realizing its claims could never be
proven. The Lagos court ordered Eric Many to pay Runtown’s costs associated with that suit.
Interestingly, instead of adding any new claims to the Lagos suit, Eric Many filed a new law suit in Abuja,
Nigeria, while the first law suit in Lagos was still pending. The second lawsuit abandoned all of the
claims made in the first law suit, and claimed that Runtown owed an unconscionable amount of money to
the record label. Eric Many has yet to show any reliable proof or records of its claims. Instead it has only
provided Runtown with a loosely composed accounting that shows fraudulent figures, unsubstantiated
expenses and zero financial responsibility on the part of the record label. In short, the record label placed
all financial responsibilities, including the costs of all travel, regular business expenses and even legal
fees of the label on Runtown. All expenses of running the record label were charged to the artist, which is
a clear breach of the recording agreement that requires the label to shoulder such costs.

Runtown filed suit against Eric Many in New York for breach of contract, unpaid royalties and
defamation. On May 25, 2018, the New York State Supreme Court Judge ordered Eric Many to continue
to pay royalties to Runtown for the distribution of his music in the United States. Eric Many is in
violation of that order, having paid Runtown nothing since February 1, 2018.

We are confident that after this matter is properly litigated in Nigeria and the United States, it will become
evident that Eric Many did not only breach the recording agreement severally and abuse its power, but
that it has been fully reimbursed for its initial investment and is currently indebted to Runtown for unpaid
royalties and revenue. One cannot seek relief from the same contract which it has repeatedly breached.
Runtown is not in the business of breaking contracts. We want to assure all fans and supporters that for as
long as God shall allow, Runtown is and will continue to be focused on making, sharing and performing
good music worldwide.


See prove below;

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